Meet our pack of creative magicians



Aanchal of the house Arora, the First of Her Name, Queen of Conversions, Profitability Hacker from the North, Breaker of Briefs, and the Mother of Draco. Yes, she has her own Draco.



The last time someone attempted to describe Mihir, they ended up inventing Google.

Aamir Aziz

Group Head: Legal, Finance and Human Capital

Hustler in chief, Aamir gets things moving. From installing security cameras to helping us bypass them and sneak out a snack or two, he’s the baller we adore and annoy simultaneously.

Manal Sayad

HR Executive

This individual knows everything that you are talking about. You win money if you succeed to bullshit your way through her. Team HR’s pride, team Brand Strat’s envy, and teams Planning & Design’s banter buddy, Manal is more or less fun.


Associate Art Director

He always bring out the big guns, metaphorically of course. So artsy, his experiments on canvas get sold at art galleries. No he won't make you anything for 'exposure'.


SEO Executive

Our go-to man for all anime and movie recommendations. Legend has it that the main cause of weak knees in humans is prolonged exposure to his laughter.


Full Stack Developer

A walking-talking dictionary of computer languages and databases. He found 404, that too in his early school days. Tech Prodigy of 1702


Manager, CEO's Office

Given the nature of his work, his email opening rate never drops below 100%. Great photographer when not sending calender invites.


SEO Manager

We pretend to get what he does, he pretends to be okay with that. Too chill, should name a hill station after him.


Associate Creative Director

Nurterer of the 1702 fam. He put the Bhan in Bhand. He'd do free strategy for you if you beat him to puns and banter (No, this genius never had to do free strategy).


Associate Motion Graphics Director

He has brought such dead creatives to life, we are seriously considering renaming his profile to Necromancer.


Account Manager

The creator of 1702 fam. First to be born and raised at the agency, she's knows her brands just as well as she knows 1702.


Group Account Manager

These official employee bios would have been Aadhaar verified had the job been given to her. Chief class monitor of 1702.


Paid Media Executive

Can trust him to come up with a media plan that targets you properly even in the Bermuda Triangle. Can’t trust him with a good diet plan though. His metabolism lets him get away with eating almost anything.


Sr. Brand Stratgiest

The smoothest criminal in town, he has a way with words like no other. Also into music, so ladies please take note. Known to crack brand communication briefs during tea breaks.


Account Manager

We strongly suspect her of being the primary factor behind the declining bombil population around the western coast.


Social Media Executive

Silent and efficient, he is rumoured to be the only one to finish his work on time everyday.

Sagar Manjrekar


Design aesthetics come to him intuitively. Sagar is the one person for whom we can safely say that creativity runs in his veins. Don’t be fooled when he smiles at you, hiding behind it lies a crazy idea to execute your brief.

Abhishek Kumar

Senior Media Planner

His understanding of performance marketing is impeccable. He fights numbers with complex formulas. If you feel numbers are evil, Abhishek is the dark lord that makes numbers submit to his will.

Manav Shahani

Social Media Executive

Thinks more about what brands should do offline than what they should post online. His reports make the clients believe we actually do our job, so he pretty much leads the brownie points leaderboard.

Reggie Dsouza

Account Manager

The miracle man, who knows how to keep both the clients and the designers happy simultaneously. Reggie deserves a Nobel nomination for his peacekeeping efforts.

Chirag Patil


A hidden gem, Chirag was scouted for his keen eye and willingness to learn every skill we expect. Now that he is picking up faster than we can teach, we let his work speak for himself.

Rajesh Dasam

Motion Graphics Designer

He explores his medium in such depth, its hard to get him back to reality. The magic words to make him truly yours are “Render Completed”, “Plugin Installed Successfully” and “Your WiFi Is Now Connected To The Internet”.

Candice Dsouza

Account Manager

Her work is as amazing as her personality. Super strong ideas and stronger execution capabilities. Cost approvals are her kryptonite though.

Brijen Desai

Group Account Manager

Brijen handles some of the busiest accounts we have, responding to over 20 emails every hour, so he definitely does not have the time to read and approve this bio. We can get away with writing anything here. Winner Winner SUB-G Dinner.

Mythili Chari

Manager - CEO's Office

If you are invited to her birthday party, or even to just help her with shopping, it will be through a calender invite. Thorough, organised, and fed up of our sense of humour.

Farooq Syed

Media Planner

The true master of consistent performance. His media plans always deliver, and we fondly label them as ‘All Syed and done.’

Kabir Khan


If we were as sincere to our cause as Kabir is to mastering graphic design, we would have acquired Facebook by now. He is pure dedication level goals

Pritesh Tikam


Our art bantai who is still being chased by Namco-Bandai. His work is super powerful like Goku’s spirit bombs; It is known to miss deadlines, but wins everyone’s hearts.

Sushim Ghatak


The back of his sketchpad is where this creative soul shines, because he is too lazy to open it and sketch properly. Higher chances of finding him studying cinematic techniques rather than the brief.

Fahad Shaikh

Web Developer

He used to make shady apps in the past, but he’s on track now, assisting us with amazingly interactive coded masterpieces. His secret war-cry before going live is ‘Data Mubarak!’.

Rohit Yadav

Paid Media Trainee

Rohit is known to be so regular and dedicated to his regime, he takes his pre-workout before taking a campaign live. Engineer by birth, number-cruncher by hobby.

Joshelle Dantas

Brand Strategist

Generic hipster chick with a creative yet crazy evil side. Can pull off suspenders with ease. Claims to be lonely but has more allies than America. All stereotypes fit. She is a minion.

Gunaji Shinde

Senior Visualizer

One of the top students from L.S. Raheja Mumbai, Gunaji realised his dreams of outer space through creating visual spaces that look out of this world. Secretly a Chhota Bheem fanboy.

Mehul Vaze


Ex-Army man with a sense of style and aesthetics that set him a class apart. Taekwondo but he will do any creative for you. That vaze good pun, please appreciate it like you’d appreciate Mehul’s work.

Raunak Kelekar

Senior Account Executive

Remember those inspirational posters with mountaineers on snow-clad peaks seen in offices? With motivational quotes on an aesthetic shot of a mysterious mountaineer? That’s him. He is cool, literally.

Rahul Bamane

Account Executive

One of those rare gems, Rahul’s logical reasoning skills coupled with his gift of the gab makes him a promising insight miner. However he misuses his superpower of having meaningful conversations for bargaining.

Aaron Da Silva

Account Executive

Knowns all the awesome beaches in Goa. Knows how to mix drinks Goan style. Has a house in Goa. Can cook Goan food. Probably hired because, you know, Goa.

Urvi Dedhia

Social Media Executive

Known social media addict, Urvi decided to turn her life around. She walked out of her router’s range, disabled her data, and joined us. She now works for the social media team. She hopes her folks don’t put two and two together.

Anil Poonia

Social Media Executive

Often lost in his own thoughts, Anil is known to look at things from a different perspective. His solutions to many mysteries in life and client briefs alternate between “Posting it today” and “Updating it now”.

Heena Thakkar

HR Manager

She is a heartbreaker, she is rangoli maker, she is salary processor. She is a very-good-nice-person. Not a Vennu Mallesh fangirl openly though.

Ashishh Shah

Jr. Brand Strategist

If being cool was a crime, Ashishh would be be tried as an influencer. Frequent cases of wanderlust have been registered against him, and we are mentally prepared for regular content updates even if he is put behind bars.

Kajol Chavan

Account Executive

Her beaming smile is powered by happy clients. Kajol has put her engineering degree to good use by ignoring it and switching to a career in advertising. Its safe to say, she has re-engineered her life goals effectively.

Sumith Shetty


He can see things from a different perspective and yet align it with your requirements within 24 hours. You’ll probably get to read a case-study on Sumith pretty soon as the guy who hacked self-evolution

Tarini Singh

Jr. Brand Strategist

The love child of strategy and copywriting, neither of whom claim responsibility over her decks. She won’t steal your drinks, the same can’t be said for your chakna though.

Harshada Shivekar

Social Media Executive

Digital is her playground, and she knows how to play hard. If reporting was a race, she would sprint through it, twice. Just beware of her online stalking skills.

Jinal Dave

Sr. Account Manager

Dangerously hardworking, she puts the sin in sincere with her thorough minutes that even our clients are afraid to defer. Do NOT breach her deadlines if you value your weekends.

Arpan Bhangre

Account Executive

Part-time lover of sports, and a full-time slave to Powerpoint and Gsuite, He can chug down a full bottle while cursing his schedule. Gets done on time every day though like its his second nature.

Varun Jacob

Junior Brand Strategist

Sharp dressing, sharper ideas. His love for advertising can only be paralleled by his passion for baked goods. Just don’t look through his browser history, that shiz makes even Satan blush.

Shahbaz Patel

Motion Graphics Artist

He gets a lot of Shahbashi when it comes to motion graphics. He is the Biryani Badshah of the office and a strong advocate of the beliefs that veg biryani doesn’t exist and non-veg pulav is a joke.

Preshit More

Sr. Media Planner

Silent but dead accurate, Preshit draws up media plans like Ekta Kapoor introduces plot twists. He excels at Excel, and his social skills are optimised with low bounce rates and a high opening up rate.

Pooja Patil

Group Account Manager

The epitome of panache, Pooja is our in-house fashionista. She is skilled in the arts of catering to client and munchies needs with equal ease. She gets shit done.

Shivangi Shekhar

Jr. Brand Strategist

When she’s at work, Shivangi is a badass, and when she’s not, she’s a badass mommy of two little monsters. Chief Karaoke Officer is her unofficial designation.